Sunday, August 3, 2014

Inside Neverland Ranch: The Last Photos?

Today someone posted some links on FB to a person who has visited there in the last couple of years.  I will not reveal her name but wanted the MJ fam to be able to see them as well.  The woman was quite disrespectful of the property in her comments.  She is obviously not an MJ fan nor does she realize the privilege of walking this sacred property.  Here are her photos:


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Neverland 2014

I waited awhile to write this blog.  When I came back from my trip, there were so many pictures of beautiful Michael tributes, that I waited in the hope that the readers would look in depth at the pictures I took.  This is of course, the sign of Figueroa Mountain Road, the street that has the entrance to Neverland.  In the bushes behind the sign, there is a deer who lives there but she is quite shy with people.

We visited Neverland on 6/23/14.  I booked a flight over Neverland for later on in the day.  We drove over 400 miles that day alone!  We drove westward, past Calabasas, until we hit Ventura and Santa Barbara.  It was quite foggy in the morning, but here is a picture of the coastline.

This is highway 101, and it runs all the way up/down the coast of California. 

Then we drove up through San Marcos Pass (Hwy 54).  Below are photos of the stunning area going up the pass to Neverland.  We ended up having to drive up and down twice (but that's another story) and both times I thought, I can see why Michael chose to live up here.  So peaceful, beautiful and serene.

This is a small bridge that cars have to pass over to get to Neverland.

This is what it looks like from a side view to travel the road to Neverland.

Finally, we're here.  It was such an emotional moment.  I have not been here since Michael was alive.  There were a few fans outside of the gates, and a biking tour with around 10 bikers and a tour guide.  He said very nice things about Michael, how incredible Neverland was, and how much Michael believed in helping children.  He also misinformed the tourists, and told them that Michael did not own Neverland any more, that Colony Capital/Tom Barrack did.  So I politely informed the tourists that Michael does still have a stake in Neverland, and that most fans believe the Estate is waiting for Michael's children to decide what they want to do with the property.

I also spoke with the guards behind the gates.  One did not seem to understand Michael at all, and when I told him how envious the fans would be that he was allowed to see Neverland, he warmed up.  He told me that Neverland was very brown, a fact I would see myself, but that the main grounds, the house, the lake and the train station area were very well maintained.
There is writing on every place you can imagine, in every language.  Some dates back to 2009, others are more recent. 
This single rose for Michael touched my heart.
Candles left for Michael from Germany
Fan love from Australia
And France
The guard shack from behind
Trees to the right of the guard shack
Another fan thanking Michael, from Argentina
And then it was time to leave.  I was very sad but excited because in a matter of hours, we would be flying in a helicopter over Neverland!  Channel Island Flights pilots could not have been nicer!
This is Kevin, our pilot.  I am scared of heights, and so I was somewhat nervous (ok terrified) but once we took off, I no longer feared anything.  Like I stated above, Neverland looked very brown.  However, Willa told us that there is a water shortage in all of California, and especially near Neverland.
This is Lake Chumash, 6 miles away from Neverland.  Lake Chumash is the reservoir that provides water to Neverland and the surrounding areas.  As you can see, the water levels are very, very low.
At first I was very upset because as you can see, Neverland from above looks very brown.  However, once I realize that the was a severe water shortage, I realized that nothing can be done to utilize water for Neverland until the water supplies raise.  California needs rain desperately.
These are the hills right before we flew over Neverland.
You can see the tennis court from this shot.

The pink haze is a reflection of my sweatshirt from the helicopter glass, but a better picture of the tennis court.
Again, pink haze but a shot of the lake as well.
Train tracks
Better view of the lake
The thirty minute ride felt like 5 minutes, even though I know it was 30 minutes because I timed it (lol).  I wish I could have taken better pictures for fans who wanted to see what Neverland looks like.  I plan on making this an annual event with a better camera for next year.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Writings on the Wall at Neverland

There really are no words to describe Neverland, so this blog will be a day in pictures with captions.  This is the turnoff to Neverland, on Figueroa Road. 

                                                             Gates of Neverland

Writings on rocks are everywhere, from fans
all over the world.
A single rose place in the gate
Candles from German fans
Keep The Faith rock
Be God's Glow rock
French fan's writing on the wall

Fans love Michael endlessly
Closer image of the gates
Helicopter pilot over Neverland
Helicopter took us over Neverland
An incredible experience, once in a lifetime.  We love you more, Michael.