Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Peter Lopez: Suicide or Murder?

In November of 2009, Evan Chandler, the father of Jordan Chandler who accused Michael Jackson of child molestation, apparently committed suicide. Chandler died of a single and apparently self-inflicted gun shot to the head. In December of 2009, Arnold Klein's ex-employee of three years, Bruce Ayers, was found dead on a sidewalk in Los Angeles. Ayers knew Michael Jackson. So when Peter Lopez, a well respected and much liked attorney, who happened to work for Michael Jackson, committed suicide in May of 2010, a chill went down my spine. Why would this successful entertainment lawyer, who seemingly had it all (wife, kids, successful career, friends) go into his backyard and kill himself? The thought of his suicide was bad enough, but with three deaths of people connected to Michael Jackson within a six month period, I began to think this was not a coincidence. Perhaps, Peter Lopez had been murdered.

My suspicions were piqued when I read that NO ONE, not his mother nor his family and friends, saw any sign that Peter Lopez would commit suicide. Reports surfaced that said Lopez seemed slightly stressed, but not one sign that one morning, he would drop his two small daughters at school, return home, and shoot himself to death. And so, the digging began. I should say that there is VERY LITTLE information to find about one Peter M. Lopez, attorney at law. When I started reading, there was page after page after page of the same quote from Raymone Bain: that she hired Lopez when Jackson was reorganizing his finances in 2006, and how shocked she was, and that he was the nicest person in the entertainment field.

Other information on the internet states that Peter Lopez headed a division of Jackson's called MJJ Kingdom. Antennae on blogger go through the roof. MJJ KINGDOM? MJJ Kingdom is a subsidiary of Kingdom Entertainment, a joint venture between Michael Jackson and Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal of Saudi Arabia. Alwaleed is one of the richest men on the planet. He is usually listed on the Forbes 400 Richest Men in the World, at least in the top twenty. Alwaleed is currently worth in the vicinity of $20 billion dollars. (Contrast this to Tom Barrack who at the bottom of the list with a net worth of a mere (LOL) $1 billion.) In addition, Alwaleed invests heavily in the media. For example, Alwaleed owns a substantial share of News Corp., which just happens to own the NEW YORK POST, where Andrea Peyser wrote her horrid article "Freak of the Week". Coincidence or CONVENIENCE, people???

With regard to public documents, the California State Bar Association lists Peter Lopez as bar #61941, but will not release any information because he deceased. MJJ Kingdom is listed in both California and Delaware without any incident. However, in Delaware, MJJ Kingdom document is below:

I hope you are able to read these, because the Delaware Recorder requires that a person pay for this. In the first screen shot, it states that the agent RESIGNED on 2/18/2010. Does this mean that Peter Lopez resigned from this Jackson subsidiary in February, only three months before his "suicide"? This scenario is one side of the Lopez coin.

The other side is that Lopez was conveniently/coincidentally hired TO REPLACE JOHN BRANCA. MJJ Timeline states that on August 7, 2006, Raymone Bain stated that "in what could be one of the biggest conspiracies in the entertainment industry, documents have been sent to Michael Jackson, and his representatives, which reveal a deliberate plan by some former attorneys as well as associates and advisors, to force Jackson into involuntary bankruptcy. The documents reveal that FORMER ATTORNEYS actively solicited other attorneys, vendors and creditors to 'join in a petition to place the client in involuntary bankruptcy.' ...Based on the timing of the events that have impacted his personal and professional life in recent years, he has long been suspicious that some of them that he entrusted to act on his behalf, and to advise him with respect to his personal and business affairs, may not have always acted in his best interests."

We have all heard that John Branca was fired by Michael Jackson in 2006. Although Branca stated that he left because Michael was surrounded by people who he did not care for or trust, the fact is that that Michael Jackson fired Branca and wrote him a letter demanding that he return all documents that pertained to Jackson. Jackson's letter was dated in 2003. Did Jackson finally have the evidence against John Branca that he needed? And to be sure, Lopez was aware of all that was going on regarding Michael Jackson, whether it was Alwaleed, Branca or other seedy characters that surrounded him.

The real question here is: Did Peter Lopez fall silent of his own doing or did someone feel the need to do it for him? Listen to that 911 tape, and you tell me. Below is a link to the video of Peter Lopez, in which he says that the Michael Jackson investigation was to be solved "very soon" from August of 2009.

What did he know???? To be continued......RIP Peter Lopez...I hope you and Michael are together and having a wonderful time.


HoudinisGhost said...

I think Lopez knew something. I've been suspicious of his "suicide".

Teddy said...

Well I feel that it's so obvious that Lopez knew something . The question is -- what did he know ? My first thought was does he know of another will? I bet he also knows much about Michaels' business dealings . Thank you blog -person for bringing this to print .

bunnieroe said...

Thank you for this blog. What really did happen here? Why no follow up by the media?

JustJoy said...

From day 1 I was suspicious - even more so when they said it was 'suicide'. Peter was one of the few people Michael could trust, he knew everything that had been going on. And as he said, the truth behind it all would soon be made known....and then he commits suicide?? I don't buy that for a minute. He knew 'too much' for some peoples liking, he would have rocked more than a few boats with what he knew.
Where he was found, conveniently, was out of view from the house - have you seen the terrain beyond where he was found? Take a look, it's hit mans paradise. The 911 phone call, that didn't make sense. Immediately they reckoned there was a 'note' - mmm, wonder if they checked the signature on THAT for authenticity???
The tangled web that surrounded Michael during his life, will continue to spin until those who can speak out, are silenced - be it with money, or other means...
I truly pray that Michael - and Peter - are both at peace and that one day, those who have tarnished their hands at the demise of these people, finally get their just deserves when their 'time' comes.

BonnieL said...

I have a copy of the letter that states that Michael actually fired Branca in February of 2003, not 2006. Wikipedia on John Branca is where the 2006 date comes from and that could very well have been edited by friends of Branca.

If you would like a copy of the letter signed by Michael dated on February of 2003, let me know.

Also, Peter Lopez is husband of none other than Catherine Bach of "Dukes of Hazard" fame (the 80's T.V. show) I have been trying to get ahold of her through a friend of hers.

Peter Lopez as around through 2007 and early part of 2008 when Colony began working with Michael to reorganize his businesses, consolidate, fold others, and establish new businesss.

MJJ Kingdom was not established and listed until 2008. Kingdom Entertainment is the company Michael and Waleed were partnered in, which exists as a private, low-profile business in New York with only 3 employees.

Lopez is a key factor for a link and will also tell us whether Colony/AEG are good guys or bad guys in this.

Also on Waleed . . . He's not the one killing people. He defended Michael in the press, and even for a music catalog, this is beneath him. It's someone much closer to Michael.

BonnieL said...

Also, in California MJJ Kingdom is still active in Califormia as per http://www.geniusmichaeljackson.com/en/companies.html

Timeline w/ references to Peter Lopez in Jan. 2008 and began working for Michael in 2007 assisting in "Thriller 25 Anniversary"

June 3rd is 1st listed meeting with Thomas Barrack and this is BEFORE Michael hires Tohme in July. This I found weird. Seems Barrack put the call in to Anschutz before any meeting between Michael/Tohme and Phillips took place.

Michael Jackson: And Justice for Some said...

Branca leaves in 2003, rehired, "resigns" in 2006, sells equity interest in ATV





loveallwolves said...

Michael fired Mr. Branca in early 2003 along with two other people-one being the accountant and a gal whose name completely escapes me. It was in the news.

nikki said...

Did Lopez resign or was he supposedly fired by Michael in February 2010? Why was he let go, whether fired or if he resigned?

bunnieroe said...

I think Lopez was still working on Michael's behalf with Kracken Opus up to June 25. From June 25 Kracken had to deal with Michael's Estate.

pascoa 2008 said...


Marilyn said...

This is mind blowing information.It is 7+ months later.Has anyone even looked into this as a murder?
Wow,I did not know the details,at all!

Anonymous said...

Venable LLP is listed as among the many creditors' claims against MJ's Estate. the following note is from Venable's website (MJ apparently may have been a client of theirs around June 13, 2009...*see 2nd link):

*handled the out-of-court financial restructuring of Michael Jackson’s assets

15 Jun 2009 at 12:56 PM
The Ballers at Venable
By Kashmir Hill

"...Venable’s representation of Michael Jackson..."


- WG

mike said...

For whatever its worth I knew Peter Lopez,he handled a band I was in called Rust and he was always happy,always polite,always cheerful.Just not the personality type to sudenlty commit suicide fpr no aperant reason.

Anonymous said...

I met Peter Lopez through the music biz and always found him to be one of the most decent people I have ever met. Not one to suddenly commit suicide.

rosario7 said...

Peter Lopez was killed, by those who killed Michael and by those who tried to kill me. I spoke with him 25 years ago ... more or less, but I did not understand Peter. I was already getting long ago, without finding out myself, mind control substances, sometimes I could not remember what my name. Peter Lopez seemed like an excellent person, but at the end of the conversation, I was scared because he told me about something I did not understand. he told me that I needed a lawyer and that he would be few if not the only one that would help me. he asked me, why do not I picked up what was mine, that some people were in danger for me, I said that I had nothing and nobody is in danger for me. I did not remember that Michael came to give me my copyright Moowalk and I could not have that in my hands at that time.
the murderers knew that Lopez knew I had the test that could find the murderers of Michael. Lopez knew that the Moonwalk copyright was registered in my name, and I did not touch a penny in Michael's life. and I know that Murray took a chance to kill Michael in exchange for the money accumulated by the copyright Moonwalk. and I know that Murray did not come out alive from jail. and I know, thank God, that Branca, and McClane, ended up paying the murder, Dileo, has passed into another life, but Mottola will have to answer too, and not be free, to pay some of Michael's bodyguards, and may leave some others to the dock. The prophecy must be fulfilled to the end.
oh, and I would like the Lopez family, knew all this I am saying, that Piter did not commit suicide.

Anonymous said...

I have another angle in his suicide/murder. He was working with the Italian Group Il Volo....who's manager, Michele Torpedine. Is known to have ties to organized crime, and was himself indicted for Embezzlement and Fraud for stealing money and tax evasion from Zucchero, a famous Italian Artist he managed. Perhaps, he wanted Mr. Lopez out of his way..so he could have free reign over the purse strings of some naive Italian boys..SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT

Anonymous said...

I agree Peter didn't commit suicide...look to Michele Torpedine...manager of Il Volo...reputed ties to organized crime...and fired by Andrea Bocceli because he embezzled funds and falsified Tax document...getting Peter out of the way opened doors for him to rob these boys blind.

Anonymous said...

dude about the lawyers who defrauded Jackson I have two words for you: Allen Grubman. He was huge in the manipulation of Jackson and was Mottola's best friend - the two of them being the two who turned on their former best friend of 20 years Yetnikoff. They turned on Yetnikoff to get to his biggest artist, Michael Jackson, and take him to the cleaners. I read Hit Men too and it never explains why they were out to screw Yetnikoff, as if it were for power alone. isn't that coincidental the two of them who knew Yetnikoff's private everything turned on him at once? I was surprised how the book didn't explore that further. Both friends don't screw you in a six week time frame while your chits are down unless they know just what they are out to get!! The odds are just too unlikely even for the shady sleazy music biz that while you are in rehab BOTH your friends will screw you simultaneously unless they are after a specific target and want it done quick. That was "get our hands on his vulnerable due to his megalomania" Jackson-time through and through. They saw their Moment and went for it. It's disgusting it was a person, but Jackson was a smart guy and brilliant businessman in regards to the music business. He should've known he was vulnerable to be prey for an attack by EVERYONE. I really believe addiction had a lot to do with this vulnerability. You process your world in dissolution while an addict - you can no longer see the big picture. That's why labels try to addict addicts - to control them. And if they die, all the better! You don't have to deal with their whining, and they make MORE money. This is why Kurt Cobain was so vulnerable, and Michael Jackson most of all. The more your worth, the more they're going to try and get ya and that includes through addiction.

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