Sunday, May 1, 2011

Michael Jackson: Cause of Death: Acute Propofol Intoxication

Today News of the World released what we knew would happen; an article that continues to drag Michael Jackson's name through the mud, even nearly two years after his death. As the world watches, the Conrad Murray defense team has thrown many defense theories out in an attempt to taint the jury pool. Apparently, News of the World published this article but then decided to charge to read it. MJNA was kind enough to post it so others would not have to pay. The original article can be read here. I'm going to go through each statement NOTW made, and then expose their sensationalistic tactic for blatant lies.

NOTW claims that the Murray defense team will use testimony and evidence gained in the Michael Jackson '05 child allegation trial to bolster their defense. (Sidenote: This is exactly why MJ fans protested when Nareg Gourjian was admitted onto the defense team. For those who do not know, Gourjian served as defense counsel for Jackson, under the supervision of Mark Geragos. Therefore most MJ fans felt that this was a conflict of interest, however Judge Pastor disagreed and admitted him to the Conrad Murray defense.) Among those testimonies and evidence NOTW claims will be used are:

1. "toxicologists reported traces of cocaine, along with a cocktail of other drugs, were found in two pairs of (Jackson's) Calvin Klein briefs when Neverland was raided 8 years ago. ...The Santa Barbara County Sheriff document also reveals traces of Demerol, sleeping aid...powerful headache drug...and morphine substitute in (Jackson's) pants. Tiny amounts of blood were found, believed to be the result of a Demerol jab in his groin."

Rebuttal: What NOTW failed to mention is that the cocaine found on the outside of the underwear was scant at the very best. They also did not state that although small amounts of cocaine were found on the outside of the underwear, no cocaine was found in Jackson's blood.

As you can see by the court document above, there is no mention of any other drug than cocaine mentioned on the suspicious underwear. The drops of blood are explained by Messereau as being a side effect of Jackson's vitiligo medication. Just exactly how the cocaine wound up on the underwear is unknown, but what is known is that Michael Jackson had no traces of cocaine in his blood, therefore showing that Jackson did not use cocaine.

2. NOTW states that Murray claims that Jackson started orally ingesting propofol because the doctor refused to hook him up to an IV and administer it to him. We've of course heard this theory before.

Rebuttal: This article [0005] states that "oral administration of propofol has not been considered therapeutically effective." In plain English, propofol does not have the same effect when taken orally in that only 5% of the drug is absorbed into the body, therefore it is medically impossible to overdose on propofol through oral ingestion.

3. NOTW states that former bodyguard (and L.A. Sheriff) Michael Laperruque made statements to the Santa Barbara Sheriff that Jackson was self-injecting Demerol in 2003-2004. (This is why Steve Robel of SB County Sheriff has been called as a defense witness.)

Rebuttal: When doing a google search on Laperruque, it seems the source of this story was TMZ. However, even if Laperruque did make this statement, he also had some other statements to make about Jackson. In an ABC article in the days after Jackson's death, Laperruque stated that "I always saw what they were eating and it was always healthy--chicken, brown rice, vegetables. He was always eating healthy." In 2004, Laperruque told Roger Friedman that "Michael Jackson is the most down to earth person I've ever met." Is it just me, or is this in direct opposition to a demerol addict? The image of a guy that is self-injecting demerol uncontrollably, yet continues to eat healthy and is completely down to earth, just doesn't bode well with me.

4. Last point: NOTW states that "Dr. Raj Kumar, Beverly Hills pharmacist, said: 'Jackson was a serial drug addict. There was no way for Murray to control his patient. He could easily argue he had no idea he was taking such large volumes of drugs."

Rebuttal: I looked up Dr. Raj Kumar in the pharmacist lookup on the California State Board of Pharmacy website. I could not find a Dr. Raj Kumar under registered pharmacists. I could find one under Pharmacy Technicians, but when I went to take the screenshot, the site was down for maintenance. You can try it for yourself and if you find him, please let me know. I also did a google search for a Dr. Raj Kumar, from Beverly Hills, with no results. So just who is this Dr. Raj Kumar?
The bottom line here is that not one statement from NOTW is even relevant to the Murray trial. Michael Jackson's autopsy report clearly states that the cause of death is homicide, by acute propofol intoxication with a benzodiazapine effect. There was no demerol found in Jackson's system at the time of death. There were no illegal drugs found in Jackson's body either. What was found was a lethal amount of propofol and other respiratory depressants that Murray admitted he administered.

Murray also admitted he administered benzodiapines, then adminstered an anesthetic in a home setting without proper monitoring equipment and left Jackson unattended.

These factors and these factors only, are what is relevant in the Murray trial, and that, Michael Jackson fans, is the equivalent of criminal negligence and a surefire involuntary manslaughter conviction. It is only a matter of time before Murray is convicted and we are one step closer to justice for Michael Jackson.


r.c.villanova said...

Murray is cluthcing at straws...His carelessness
killed MJJ. As andjustice says the only thing that matters here is Conrad Murray administered propofol outside of a hospital setting, without the proper equipment present, left his patient alone and hence MJJ passed.
The only good thing is that all the smut will come out in the wash cycle!

Bridgett_361 said...

I am asking can finding from MJ 03 Neverland raide be use?
The issue would have been different if Murray had prescribe the medication and MJ take it home and misuse it and then died from a overdose.
1) willing agreed to home treat MJ for $150,00.000 per month.
2) Murray prescribe the drug and brought it
3) murrary administrate the drug to MJ including drug that needed to be monitor by a machine,
Murrary had zero monitoring or safety equipment to asset his patient if he had defeculty, and on top of that murrary delay in calling 911 for help.
Same tatick different players, but at the end of the day Murray need to answer for his irresponsible behaviour to Michael Jackson inside a court room.

in the court the juror will be told it dose not matter if 10 kilo of cocain was found at Neverland and MJ blood was lace with it in 2003, because in 2009 that was
not what kill Michael Jackson it was "Murray incompetent, untruthful and carelessness caused the death of Michael Jackson”
Those are what Murray need to answer for. the DA should think about adding one more charge to Murray for proscribing to an addict, he is hell bent on painting MJ a addict come on mr DA charge his ass.

SandyK said...

As always, Justice, well said and well researched.

The defense is desperate and will throw anything and everything against the wall until they can find something that sticks. Didn't work in 2005 and won't work in 2011!!

NOTW mentions crap about Michael self injecting. Although Dr. Kein is NOT the best of sources, he has insisted that Michael was needle phobic and I'm inclined to believe this. The idea of Michael self injecting anything is just another deperate attempt to blame the victim.

As you say, Justice, the NOTW article is irrelevant to Murry's case today. Michael's perscription medication use in the distant past, whatever that may have been, has nothing to do with his death. Absolutely nothing. The mere mention of cocaine allegedly being found on a personal item of clothing is a disgraceful and salacious marketing ploy to sell copy in print and on-line, not to mention an attempt to prejudice members of the jury. News of the World is an absolute garbage tabloid publication. I take nothing they say with any seriousness. I'm sure everyone would agree that they are the lowest of the low. The only useful function they could possibly serve is for lining cat litter boxes. On second thought, that's an insult to cats!

The person I trust most in this case is Michael and his remains do not lie. His remains will stand as his witness to this crime and speak the truth on his behalf. The autopsy report clearly states that Michael's organs were healthy. There was no evidence of long term, serious drug use. None. If Michael was a heavy drinker and/or drug user, his body would have recorded that fact. I just don't understand how the defense can think, in their wildest imaginations, that they can overcome the facts with their fiction. Of course they will try and I'm sure they will attempt to muddy the waters and discredit the coroner's findings some how. I dread the very idea!

I pray that the prosecution will be methodical and persistant in their presentation to the jury. I pray that they will show Murray for what he is, a grossly irresponsible "doctor," and a very desperate man relying on desperate measures to save himself and his sorry career from certain disgrace. Michael is the victim here. If not for Murray, Michael would still be with his children, family, friends, and fans. At the end of the day, I'm confident that the jury will see through the noise and give Michael, after 2 long years, the justice he and his children deserve.

Melanie said...

No matter what Murray tries to do to wrangle his way out of this, the fact still remains that he:

1) Obtained a drug that should not be obtained casually or for home use
2) Administered propofol without use of proper equipment or in a hospital setting
3) Left his patient after administering the propofol when he needed full monitoring
4) Left it too late to alert emergency services
5) Did not know how to do proper CPR (this is a heart surgeon...??)
6) Withheld evidence, lied to the paramedics, and even set about hiding and destroying evidence that could be used to determine how Michael Jackson died

He is toast no matter what.

june said...

Justice,thank you for this blog. The info NOTW hopes to disseminate is so irrelevant to the case at bar, it's upsetting to even rebut. Sneddon came into possession of the size 28 Calvin's from one Henry Vaccaro from a storage locker of Jackson memorabilia. Chain of evidence? Where? Who knows how many hands touched those items? And Sneddon having placed fingerprints fraudulently on magazines, gives me no pause in saying he would stoop to the same level in placing drugs on clothing.

None of this would have been raised had it not been for Judge Pastor naively allowing Gourgian to join the defense team (and Geragos anemicly acquiescing). Of all the criminal defense attorneys in LA, why would Murray want a lawyer who had repped Michael six years earlier, and why would Pastor see "no conflict?"

IMO Chernoff, Flanagan and Gourgian should be sanctioned by their respective bars. A reputable attorney does not represent a knowingly guilty client by claiming his "innocence."

As for NOTW, up there with the Star, the Enquirer and TMZ, all paying for stories and then feasting on the tragedies that befall celebrities. Medialoid crap.

SandyK said...

Words of reason from T. Mesereau:

"In short, neither the underwear nor the cocaine found on the underwear (and not in Mr. Jackson's blood) has probative value to any of the charged crimes in this case."


Renee Sumner said...

Very Well Said..!!