Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Open Letter On Behalf of Michael Jackson Fans to the Mainstream Media

Dear Worldwide Mainstream Media,

We, the Michael Jackson fanbase, are keenly aware that the Society of Professional Journalists believe that public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy.The duty of the journalist is to further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues. And although this code of ethics is voluntary, the majority of journalists embrace this code, believing that professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist's credibility.

The Michael Jackson fan base is asking for a worldwide media ban of the use of the term "Jacko". Rooted in racism and negativity, the name plants the suggestion of "Wacko Jacko" widely used by tabloids to identify Michael Jackson prior to death. The media's use of this name directly contradicts professional journalists' code of ethics. There is no "public enlightenment" with the use of the term "Jacko". There is no truth to the name "Jacko" and there certainly is no provision for a fair or comprehensive account of any event or issue surrounding Michael Jackson.

The name "Jacko", when used by journalists has two priorities: ratings and revenue. Additionally, the name is used to sway public opinion. In a heightened age of mistrust of the media by the public, it is imperative that journalists truly use their sense of professional integrity, including avoiding the use of headline grabbing names that harm the subject or those related to him.

Leading the way are Elysa Gardner from USA Today and CBS News, both of whom changed their headline from "Jacko" to "Jackson" when asked. We are asking for the rest of the mainstream media to follow suit. Journalists should see this as an act of human dignity, both for themselves as professionals, and for Michael Jackson and his family.



Anonymous said...

well done, Andjustice. thank you for taking the time and heartfelt effort to write this letter. it is my sincerest hope that the mainstream media will take into serious consideration its importance, as this is a subject not only relevant to Michael's advocates, but to his family - most importantly, to his three young children who have every reason to be proud of their father and the positive affect that he continues to have on millions around the globe.

much respect and gratitude,


Anonymous said...

The think is that i strongly believe that those who used the known term on their articles now, they did it for site traffic. They knew that the fans would run on the site in order to make them change the title of the article or express their dissapointment with the use of the term. That means more click and subsequently more advertisment to their site. Unfortunatelly, I'm pretty sure that we are going to see the use of the term more often now just because of that reason.Site traffic. The fact that "respectable" and "valid" news organizations , well up until now, like USAtoday used that tearm speaks volumes.

MJJJusticeProject said...

To Justice

We pledge to you our support for this Open Letter to the Media and we will circulate it widely and often.

Since our inception in July 2010, MJJJusticeProject has focused mainly on the media’s 20+ yrs misrepresentation of Michael Jackson, that even after his death, has not abated. Our stance has always been to address the atrocious articles, headlines and opinions of the reporter OPENLY, head on. We believe that the small amount of revenue the site might glean from our visits, will be offset by having the facts regarding Michael being open to the public. As it stands now, this is our public forum and while it may be distasteful to register, log-in and opine, we know that it is necessary. We have witnessed a great increase in positive commentary regarding Michael, when two years ago, it was the MJ haters that monopolized the comment section. By stating facts and promoting his truth more and more people are discovering the real Michael Jackson.

By openly addressing and decrying the term “Jacko” just recently used by CBS, USAToday and Huffington Post we demonstrated to the public that these mainstream media outlets were lowering themselves to tabloid status. Remember that everything we write on the internet goes into a collected ‘cloud’ of stored information. We have the ability to make the news, and the sooner we figure out how to do this in a measured and cogent way, the faster we will vindicate Michael. These outlets do not want to be thought of as tabloid and when they saw the amount of attention these stories received because they had used “Jacko” the upper management changed their copy. They didn’t have to….and this is what is the most telling. In the past, they would have ignored the few voices that were crying out for Michael’s justice but now our voices are numerous;we can no longer be ignored.

By commenting on these articles we not only grab the media’s attention but maybe even more importantly, we enlighten the public and soon they will stop “eating from the trough” in regards to Michael.

Excerpt from – Media Greed and the Demise of Democracy

“News should inform, uplift and challenge. It should make you think analytically. Instead, today’s news networks entertain and titillate. What’s more, there’s little discernible difference between them anymore. When it comes to money and greed, they’re all the same: they have all resorted to sensationalist tabloid journalism, because that’s what sells. In the process, they have done Americans a great disservice, not only by failing to inform them but by programming them to feed at the trough. Americans have been bombarded with saturated media coverage containing little substance, and the Jackson coverage is a perfect example of this.”

Constitutional attorney and author John W.Whitehead,

As you can see, it's not just Michael Jackson fans who notice the decline in media integrity but it will be the MJGlobal family that makes the world sit up a take notice. It will be his people that makes this difference. We will be the change Michael so often sang about.

Highest Regards
Mary Abbas aka Budsgirl
MJJJusticeProject Inc.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, well done. Just want to add Mr. Michael Jackson is LOVED by many across the globe, in which some are also viewers of these media sources, with the expectation that the information provided is with all certainty valid, and respectful. I sincerely hope that other media outlets follow suit in depleting their use of the term 'wacko', going forward, refer to him by his rightful name of Mr. Michael Jackson. He spoke and strongly believed in Healing the World, and one way of ensuring this is in supporting one another in making positive assertive changes. Thus creating better place for the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE. Thats YOU, the media, and me. Thats EVERYONE! With all certainty im sure he's hovering over us from above, still praying for us all to continue his legacy of building a much more LOVING, HEALTHY, CARING WORLD. WE ARE THE WORLD, and its up to US to do it with LOVE, by any means necessary.

Anonymous said...

Every time the media uses the term *jacko*, they are inflicting pain not only on Michael Jackson's good name but also on his family and more importantly, his children. The media continues to 'try' Michael Jackson despite his being found not guilty and thus feeding into the haters.
Does the media ever mention the millions of dollars Michael gave to hospitals, orphanages, charities, without ever mentioning it to anyone or asking anything in return? Does the media ever mention how Michael wouldn't rest until he found a dying child in need of a liver or kidney, an organ? Does the media ever mention how he made dreams come true to thousands of children with, or dying from cancer?
Michael Jackson deserves respect from the public and especially from the media!


SandyK said...

Well done, Justice. Thank you for your intelligent, thoughtful and well written letter. It's heartfelt, it's real and it speaks to a foundational truth that you eloquently underscored. Professional integrity and credibility should not be optional or an afterthought. Too often it is in so many areas. It should be the anchor that every thought, word and idea hinges on. But we so often see that very same ethical code you mention, obscured and corrupted for the many, for the sole purpose of profit by the few. It needs to stop! It does not inform. It does not educate. In fact, it has the power to move us backward as a society.

In Michael Jackson's case, the very use of the term "Jacko" belies a deep seated negative bias against this one human being as you have pointed out. A bias based solely on lies manufactured and manipulated via tabloids and then regurgitated by so called "respectable" media. It's no different then referring to racial groups by insulting slurs. As we all know, insulting racial slurs and insulting names serve one purpose culturally and that is to denigrate and dehumanize an individual or an entire group of individuals, therefore making it easier to deny such groups or individuals equal status in society. Michael Jackson was systematically dehumanized and replaced in the public eye by the caricature of "Wacko Jacko," a person that never existed and was never Michael Jackson. This made it even easier in the eyes of profiteers to attack and insult him further, causing him to be wrongly shunned and hounded into near isolation. The public never got to know the real human being. A human being far more compelling and interesting than the insulting media created caricature. As a result, though he did accomplish so much, he never got to realize his full potential. To his credit, despite the negativity, he continued with his creative work and he continued, as best he could, with his humanitarian work. What more he could have accomplished we'll never know. It simply should never have come to this.

Hopefully more media outlets will follow the example set by USA Today and CBS News. It's the right thing to do.

Thank you once again, Justice. I'd also like to extend to you my respects and gratitude.

I'd also like to thank MJJJusticeProject for the work they've done to educate and inform the public on this issue.


Anonymous said...

The name "Jacko" was used in conjunction with the word "Wacko" to foster the belief that instead of being the greatest and most powerful entertainer and humanitarian of our time, and one with an important message for the world, he was a crazy pedophile who bleached his skin and bought the bones of Elephant Man. Michael hated that name and to give respect to him, his family, especially his children, and his fans, it is time to stop your madness and recognize him for the genius that he was maintstream media and tabloid press. You should all be ashamed. Peace and L.O.V.E. Blessings!

Qbee said...

I pledge my support for this Open Letter to the Media and will circulate it far and wide

Thank you andjustice for the letter and opportunity to address this issue to the media


karen said...

I have always hated those terms used for Michael, that I can't even write them myself. It's horrible that his famiy and mostly his children have to hear those terms used for their father. I hope the mainstream media will take note and stop this horrible use of those names.
Thank you so much for your wonderful letter. It is nice to see some media has changed there terms, I hope more follow suit.

You surely have my support,
Karen Jackson
Member of Justice4MJ & OMJFSC

june said...

Justice, thank you for so succinctly and passionately taking on this subject. With the fans/supporters' outrage expressed to USAToday and CBS, perhaps the tide of expressing Michael in this manner will change. We must continue to call them out every time we see this derogatory slur in an article concerning Michael. While I personally do not appreciate certain actions taken by certain Jackson family members, perhaps such actions are their defense mechanisms against the media's constant negative portrayal of their son and brother. Michael's true light must come through when all is said and done.

june said...

Justice, thank you for so succinctly and passionately taking on this subject. With the fans/supporters' outrage expressed to USAToday and CBS, perhaps the tide of expressing Michael in this manner will change. We must continue to call them out every time we see this derogatory slur in an article concerning Michael. While I personally do not appreciate certain actions taken by certain Jackson family members, perhaps such actions are their defense mechanisms against the media's constant negative portrayal of their son and brother. Michael's true light must come through when all is said and done.

a MJ fan said...

well done. i think it is very important to stand against this. this have gone on for what, 26 years or so now? it's time to stop!

lmt said...

I most heartily support this letter.
Mr. Jackson stated numerous times that he found this moniker to be offensive and demeaning. And it is.
The man was a lifelong humanitarian, social activist, conservationist and loving father. He deserves respect and honor; as does his three surviving children. Thank you.

Lauren Trainor
MJJJusticePrjct, MJFC

Anonymous said...

I cannot add to what you all have said,exept to say,it is about time Michael had the respect he truly deserves.We all know the length Michael went to,to try to protect our world and those in it.
The one thing that Michael always believed in for was was Love for your brother,if all followed his example,"The world would be a better place"
Thank-you MJFSC and MJJP.
Love you you all,I am behind you 110%,and I cannot say it any louder,than to put my name here in respect of Michael.
Yvonne Sellers U.K.

MJ DarkChild said...

The Anti-Defamation Legacy Law Advocates (Cadeflaw)support this letter and openly stand up for it's content and the writer. The term "Jacko" is NOT a term of endearment and should be banned from ALL written publications concerning Michael Jackson.

This term is definitely defamatory which offends Mr. Jackson's relatives; it exposes his family to public hatred, contempt, ridicule; a term which is used by many media outlets to blacken the memory of Michael; and it has provoked a breach of peace between his family; his fans; those who continue to believe the lies about him and the media.

We will assist in the circulation of this letter because it is right to do so. It is morally wrong to continue to defame the character of this man. His name is Michael Jackson; not "Jacko".

We thank you, in advance, for your consideration of this matter.

MJ Brookins
Cadeflaw, Admin/Director

Karen said...

I pledge my support for this Open Letter to the Media and will circulate where I can!

It has always bothered me that the media referred to Michael in that way. He deserves better and we must protect his legacy.

Andjustice, thank you for doing this!

Karen aka MJ4Ever2908

M. Bentley said...

I sincerely hope that those with integrity in the media actively reject calling anyone, much less one of our greatest musical legacies, by an unkind, made-up name he did not deserve. Journalists cannot expect respect or any level of trust from the public unless they adhere to higher standards.

Mr. Jackson left children behind who will hurt to see this travesty of an epithet for Mr. Jackson perpetuated. Please do the right thing by them and all of us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this Open Letter to the Media. It is so well done. You address the significant issue and represent MJJ supporters with true integrity. I'm so grateful for the phenomenal leadership we have at the forefront of Michael's Army of justice and truth. The media is being made aware that we are strong, we are determined, we have a voice and we will not tolerate them disrespecting Michael Jackson. I will circulate this letter. Much love and thanks to you for expressing our voice in your letter.

Deborah S

Anonymous said...

I sincerely agree with your letter. It is about time that this cowardice stops and the media uses Michael's proper name. He was dehumanized during the last years of his life and I whole heartedly hope that the media will begin to show him the respect he so richly deserves.


patrick said...

I wholeheartedly support this substantial effort to prohibit the use of the name 'Jacko' in the media when referring to the late Michael Jackson.

In reality, this level of
offense has continued for quite a period as there are two types of media presently functioning in western society. One embraces objectivity and sees its function to provide credible news commentaries primarily written for its listeners and readers. This type of professional reporter is usually devoid of having to please advertisers with high volume of sales, television audience management (TAM ratings) or ABC numbers.
The other type of reporter pens stories that are written solely to please advertisers. These are usually subjective, lack credibility and often push the very limits of legality. Their information sources usually lack proper credentials and may be untrustworthy.

Unfortunately, most people in society are poorly informed or inadequately educated and sometimes may not be able to differentiate between the subjective components of the believability of a source or message. The media plays with the minds of these people solely to generate sales of their publications. To achieve high volume they must write about someone who a lot of people know. The absence of regulation in this marketplace leads to gross defamation of character and this is legally easier whenever the person in question is deceased.
This media induced misconception once even caused me to prevent Michael from visiting a paediatric hospital, (where I once worked as a junior doctor)to see some children who were recently firebombed in a car and who were left with horrific scars. As he took off his wig and showed me his own burn injuries, I too felt his pain of how the media had treated him so unfairly. I knew that the noble intention of his visit would be used by them.

On another occasion, I was contacted and offered a substantial sum to say he used drugs. The worst of this as yet unfolding saga has still to come and I await with some trepidation to what new level the media will stoop to disrespect possibly the greatest humanitarian that the World has recently witnessed.
Dr. Patrick Treacy
Medical Director
Ailesbury Clinics Ltd.
Suite 6 Merrion Court
Ailesbury Road
Dublin 4 IRELAND
Phone +3531 2692255 2692133

Dorothy Culver said...

It is a superb letter and the utmost truth. My congratulations and love to you all for the great job.

MJ's Good Witch said...

You DEFINITELY know that I support this letter. I've been screaming about "media responsibility and accountability" for years!!! After all... along with "Freedom of the Press" comes a RESPONSIBILITY as well otherwise it's not freedom at all.

Ben said...

Co signing this letter.

Anonymous said...

i support the letter,lets hope the media sit up and listen.his name is jackson.michaeljackson . queenie456

Anonymous said...

Very well stated. I absolutely support this open letter to the Media.

Linda Higgins

Annegret said...

I wholeheartedly pledge my support to this campaign. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, even if you don not like this or that person. How would they (MSM) like people calling them nasty names to their faces? They would expect people to call them by their given name, it is not a hard thing to do - why do it to Michael? By belitteling others to make yourself (appear) bigger you only show your ignorance, prejudice and pettiness. PLEASE STOP NOW!

Annegret aka annetonie

MABELA,5050 said...

Support For This Open Letter to the Media and where I can Will Circulate
from my little place in the world.

Matilde Latini

Coleen said...

I Support this Open Letter to the Media 100%. Thank you AndJustice!

Coleen Williams

gertrude sartor said...

I whole heartedly endorse this effort to banish the racist and highly offensive use of the term "Jacko" and certainly of "Wacko Jacko". Mass media reportage of Michael JACKSON has rarely been better than slanderous, fraudulent, offensive bullying. It has rendered the journalistic industry to nothing other than sleaze and bottom feeding, and in order for any of it to redeem itself, these disgusting practices must end. NO ONE I know trusts the media anymore, and the media itself is to blame.

Anusha said...

Wonderful letter. You sum up everything that needs to be said so well. Please add my name in support of your open letter.

Many thanks,
Anusha Seneviratne
London, UK

Anonymous said...

I absolutely support this open letter. Lies and shameful terms used by the media towards Michael Jackson have to stop once and for all. Thank you so much, AndJusticeforSome

Maria Grazia

Deborah Ffrench said...

I support this wholeheartedly.

Tori Tompkins said...

I must commend the "And Justice for Some" team for writing this letter and expressing key sentiments which are long overdue. The term "Jacko" is seemingly based in racism, a point reflected by the fact that one of the first black boxing stars in the early 20th century, Jack Johnson, was referred to in a similar manner, (as Jackie) in a bid to devalue him, and undermine his considerable achievements. As Freelance Journalist Charles Thomson opined, all that appears to have changed in the last century with regards to the media's racist coverage of decorated black men is a syllable: "Jackie" became "Jacko". Mr.Jackson also stated time and time again his vehement dislike of this bullying nickname and, throughout his life he consistently urged the public and the press to refrain from using it, to remember that he too was human, as prone to assaults on the heart as any that live in this world. Let us hope that the mainstream media heed the words contained within this piece, reclaim their humanity and remember that before money, before profit and before status, come the lives of individuals, people with families who grieve and hurt as freely as any other. Let us hope that in the name of decency and honor, they spend time familiarizing themselves with a truth too long buried by the avarice and hatred of others. The world, in Michael Jackson, lost an incredible father, musician and role model. When will the media realize and fully acknowledge what a treasure they have trampled over and destroyed far, far too soon? x

Arlene said...

I 100% support this. It is not repsonsible reporting to use insulting names when refering to Michael Jackson. This is long overdue.

Arlene said...

I 100% support this. It is long overdue. There is no excuse for the media to use insulting terms when reporting about Michael Jackson.

RhondaW said...

Amen... Thank you for providing this letter. I believe that is derogatory slang of MJ's name needs to be addressed and gotten rid of. I have not liked this "nickname" since the beginning when mass media picked it up and used it to address the King Of Pop, Michael Joe Jackson. I lend my support, voice, name ect to help. Thank you

RhondaW said...

Amen... Thank you for providing this letter. I believe that is derogatory slang of MJ's name needs to be addressed and gotten rid of. I have not liked this "nickname" since the beginning when mass media picked it up and used it to address the King Of Pop, Michael Joe Jackson. I lend my support, voice, name ect to help. Thank you

Kelley said...

It’s time for the media assassination of Michael Jackson to STOP! He spent his entire life working, giving and not only speaking on a message of love and tolerance, but living that message by example. We who love him are tired of the mischaracterization of a man whose only desire was to bring joy to people and help in any way he could. You’re after ratings and we’re after fair reporting so that we can make our own informed decisions. Contrary to what many may believe we don’t need to be subtly influenced by carefully chosen words that will influence unspoken agendas. It definitely doesn’t add to your ratings because we don’t watch! It doesn’t add to your credibility because you’re like all the other media outlets who print slanderous comments helping to destroy the fabric of our culture. My suggestion, distinguish yourselves with higher standards and respect. Become a part of the solution instead of the problem!

Laura said...

Laura Sánchez Domínguez (Spain)

Anonymous said...

I support this letter and would like to add that not only does that kind of terminology demean Mr Jackson but those who use it. I ask the media to think what kind of journalism are they trying to portray? Informative journalism or tabloidism? We all know too well that the tabloids have no respect for anyone including themselves and frequently use derogatory terms to stir up negative feelings. I hope those in the media will take notice of this request and ban not only this derogatory term but any others that are dreamt up by the tabloids.

Thank you
Sharon Wilson

Anonymous said...

I support these letters and comments, respect for everybody and love to the people is the most important in human lifes !! Thank you for respecting names too and avoiding to turn people down. We love you most,Michael Joseph Jackson, you gave us respect, love and hope and a sense for our planet.

Anonymous said...

I'm with You with all my hert. Thank You for that Letter. Agnieszka from Poland

mitributo.michaeljackson said...

Of course I co-signed the letter. Is a request for respect and human dignity that Michael deserves. But it is something that the media should see it as respect for themselves, their profession, their communication companies, but above all respect for their users. == Por supuesto que co-firmo la carta. Es una solicitud de respeto y dignidad humana, que Michael merece. Pero también es algo, que los medios deberían verlo como de respeto a ellos mismos, a su profesión, a sus empresas de comunicación, pero sobre todo, respeto a sus usuarios.

Anonymous said...

Here are Michael's own words:
"I'm not Jacko, I'm Jackson... 'Wacko Jacko' - Where did that come from? Some English tabloid. I have a heart and I have feelings. I feel that when you do that to me, it's not nice."
Michael I hope, we can make the world a better place! Thank you for your L.O.V.E!

MaryKapa said...

This open letter on behalf of Michael (as well as on behalf of his children,his family and us,his fans) is a great idea and a great opportunity so 'we can raise our voice us one'.As Michael said:"I'm not Jacko,I'm Michael jackson".Where did they get that from?This hurting us all and it has to STOP.

FEDORALT said...

I fully support this letter to the media. We have always fought for the name Michael is respected as it should ... and never stop doing so.
What we ask is not much, is something that should be given of course ... RESPECT. RESPECT, he deserve it, he has earned and ... we're going to give.
( sorry for my poor english)
Lorena Tomba.

NicWatts said...

I 100% nsupport this letter. Its so over due. Michael Jackson deserves RESPECT. Thank you for writing a very good letter, saying what most of us feel. We will fight for Michael always.
Much love and peace
Nicki Watts
Oklahoma, USA

Denotra Lewis said...

I agree 100% with this letter. Stop the hatered and start respecting this man. He was a human afterall and the bullying needs to stop NOW! Enough is enough!

Autumn said...

Justice, please add my name in support of your open letter to the media. I pledge my support will do everything I can to help circulate it.Thank you and much appreciation and gratitude.


Autumn Colpean
Michigan, USA

Moonsiren777 said...

The mainstream media conglomerate and their hordes of countless talking heads who spew tabloid sensationalist trash in lieu of responsible, well-researched reportage is a long-standing problem. They have blatantly displayed their outright ignorance as well as their unabashed bias against Michael Jackson for many years. They have used every sleazy, devious trick at their disposal to propagandize and taint the public mindset against him. It has been their obsessive mission to ridicule, defame, dehumanize and destroy Michael Jackson for 20 plus years! The same cast of characters, and a few new ones with the same tactics and the same well-worn script of lies, innuendos and epithets, are now poised to go in for the kill. They're exultant with anticipatory glee---their fangs dripping with blood-lust.

I enthusiastically support and applaud your efforts to confront and ameliorate the unscrupulous, contemptible and unethical practices of those 'reporting' and commenting on Michael Jackson on TV, radio, in newspapers, magazines & online. The treatment of Michael Jackson is nothing less than shocking, vile and reprehensible! It's an outright scandal and a disservice to the entire population! I have never been witness to another celebrated human being who was so persistently and viciously maligned, slandered and degraded in such a brutal manner. The manic quality to this mistreatment is evidenced by the fact that the culprits are fervently continuing their vilification even after Michael's death! THEY HAVE NO CREDIBILITY! Never have I seen so many in the mass media get so much joy and satisfaction from the deliberate infliction of pain and devastation on another human being and his family. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM!

Yes, of course the disgusting term "JACKO" must be erased from their lexicon! But this is only a tiny first step. There is so much more that must be done to address and rectify the unjust calumnies with which they incessantly bombard Michael Jackson! Most of the coverage concerning Michael is a fraud! The media minions are totally corrupt! They are pandering to the basest elements for ratings, greed and ego. Their conduct is atrocious and their pretense at objectivity is laughable. They are a sham!

Thank you for spearheading a mission which will, hopefully, garner steam for greater goals to come.

Sincerely and with much gratitude,
Member of MJTruthNow

Mabel Santos said...

Mabel from Argentina

I support this letter.
I love Michael. He was a great man, a great humanitarian, a great father.
He deserves RESPECT.
Miss you Michael.

Cali MJ Fan said...


Will repost on my blog tomorrow (with links and credits of course).


Anonymous said...

I would like to see Michael get the respect in death that he didn't get in life. He was not perfect, he was a human being like us all. I am not asking you to turn him into a saint, because he was not one. He was a human being trying to make it through this life like we all are. All I am asking of the media is to stop with that "Jacko" mess, use his real name. Michael Joseph Jackson.

Sparklesox said...

Justice, thank you for this well written letter , requesting the world's media to begin to help heal the wounds of tabloid journalism that injured Mr. Jackson for over 25 years. Those who have the most basic knowledge of this man know that he personally spoke out about this slur, and specifically stated how painful and degrading it was to see himself referred to with that term. Please honor his memory by using his given name.

Anonymous said...

I totally give my entire support for this Open Letter to the Media.

I hope it will make unprofessionnal journalists realise how much credibility they lose when they use mockery, racism and negativity.

Mr. Michael Jackson wasnt only a megastar who broke all records in the music industry. He was one of the greatest philanthropist of all times, giving more than 500 millions in charities, as listed in the Guiness Book of World records.

His dignity needs to be preserved; the name of his children, Jackson, needs to be respected too.

Isabelle LaPerriere, Montreal

micha said...

I wholeheartedly support this letter.

I believe that no fan of Michael Jackson should have had to learn his death with the words "JACKO DEAD", which were unfortunately displayed in big on many TV screens when the news broke.

The media continue to live in the illusion that most people dislike and despise Michael Jackson and don't mind seeing him mentioned in a negative manner, for example via the use of the nickname "Jacko". Yet, the worldwide reactions to his death have shown that billions of people in the world love or at least respect Michael Jackson. These people don't want sensationalism or negativity, they simply want to be informed in an unbiased way about him.

Why journalists who are supposed to report facts in an unbiased way about Michael Jackson feel the need to call him "Jacko" in their articles is beyond me. Do they believe that if they don't show some kind of negativity towards him, either by calling him "Jacko" or by throwing some negative sentences here or there in their articles, they will be "accused" of being pro-Jackson? Do they still believe that most of the readers of Michael Jackson-related articles are people who hate him?

Unless a journalist is writing a column where they clearly state and develop an opinion, we don't ask them to be pro- or anti-Jackson, we simply ask them to report fairly about him and to call Michael Jackson by his NAME.


Barbara said...

Thank you for this effort to stop the media abuse of Michael Jackson. The term "jacko" is derogatory and insulting. I support this effort wholeheartedly.


Michael jackson is everything for me.. I love mike forever.. And mike is inocent.. Mike is one angel.. Pleasee justice for michael,. I loveeee mike forever.. Mike love you my life

Casper07MJ said...

I pledge to support this Open Letter to the Media and will circulate it often.

The wheels of justice are slowly turning but make no mistake, they ARE turning!!!

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson is royalty , he will forever be king and that is FACT! I would like this opportunity to say thank you to Mike for all the humanitarian works and contributions to both the fashion and music worlds.I love you with all my heart.
"To the world you may be one person but to one person you were and will always be the world."
Rest Peacefully My love


Anonymous said...

Keep up the mission to give a clear picture of Michael and his incredible contributions and his true personality. Such a warrior for peace and fairness and a tirless perfectionist whose work ethic should be regarded as that which anyone w/ the courage should follow. I am following the trial to see that justice is done and t be sure any smearing of reputation should be on Conrad Murray-I fail to see why MD should be on his calling card!
The media need to have the facts re:the 2003 trial and get over giving their useless opinions of sensational info-like they have an inside track!!! They have a trail to the office for a pay check only!
Why is it the right info makes it to the airways ?
Pray for justice for Michael and his family.
Love and keep the faith-we are here for you and your brilliant efforts !

Timothy McGaffin II said...

The disgraceful and racist term of "Jacko" should never be used ever. Any so-called news organization that uses the this term should be ashamed of themselves and are not journalists when using this term. Please man-up and do the right thing by eliminating this term forever. Be a champion and do the right thing. Stop using the term and apologize for any past uses of this term.

brendap said...

I agree with the Open Letter On Behalf Of Michael Jackson Fans to the Mainstream Media. Michael was a good man and should be treated as such. It is very hurtful and disrespectful to his family especially his three children. And he is loved all over the world by his fans and we don't like the name Jacko.

LizK said...

I TOTALLY AGREE with what this letter has to say. Everyone needs to stand up for Michael, right now and make their voice HEARD...this "word" the media are now using instead of Michael's proper given name is sinister and designed to try and a)degrade and b)marginalise him in the mind's eye of the general public...we MUST STOP THIS. It's racist and inhuman, but most of all, ABUSIVE. I will NOT tolerate this abuse of Michael's dignity as a human being. This is ALSO about Michael's family's dignity...your dignity and EVERYONE'S DIGNITY. I hope all right-thinking people (not just MJfans) unite to end this abuse for good.

Patricia Young said...

I wholeheartedly support your letter to the media to stop using the denigrating moniker "Jacko" when referring to Michael Jackson. He has often said in interviews how this term hurts him, and thus we all know it was not a term of endearment. Thank you Justice for this letter addressing the media to stop the abuse of name calling by abolishing the word "Jacko" when referring to Mr. Jackson. Words can indeed inflict harm and his children and family should not be subjected to this type of bullying.

Anonymous said...

Hi Justice! I knew about this letter through my dear friend Fedoralt and the amazing group Mj JusticeProject (Both present here...). I have already read it and I want to express my complete support to this letter. Our fight with CBS was our first step, I know we can get this new goal all together. Like we know, before Michael Jackson was a wonderful artist, he was an human being, father and an amazing humanitarian who deserved and deserves respect. On the other hand, all of us (Especially his poor kids) have suffered enough pain with his homicide... It is time to stop with this unracional hate. Thanks for all this great work!!!


Luciana from
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Luciana Camino (FaceBook) and
@FernandaCamino (Twitter)

Etudedi said...

I completely agree with Dr. Patrick Treachy...the mainstream media does need to step up and give serious consideration to their reporting...and not resort to 'sleazy nicknames' for Michael, and any other terms of disrespect. We have had enough of that. Some respect for his children and the other members of his family is indeed very much in order now...Thank you.
With respect,

Melbournemary said...

I wish to add my support to this open letter. It is time for the media to refrain from referring to the late Mr Michael Jackson by a name that he detested. Please remember he is survived by three children who loved their father dearly

Thank you

Mary Anthony

Kathy Guzman said...

I totally agree. We stripped this mans dignity when he was alive. Now is the time to give it back to him in death. We can no longer tolerate what the media and society has done to this man. This form of abuse must stop now. Michael Joseph Jackson did not deserve this abuse, nor anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson deserve so much better than to be referred to in that way (I don't even want to repeat that name!) and his children and other family members shouldn't have to carry this additional pain. I wholeheartedly support this open letter on behalf of Michael Jackson and am grateful for the opportunity to be counted. Thank you much. CA

Nancy Jensen said...

Amen! Justice, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this
wonderful attempt to finally put the tabloid media’s disgusting nickname for Mr. Jackson to rest! If each of us throw a shovelful of dirt over the use of this disgraceful word we may finally be able to bury it for good!

Media members need to make a decision. They can either choose to conduct themselves in the dignified manner of responsible, ethical journalists seeking to inform and educate the public while adhering to the highest
standards of their chosen profession, or they can get down and wallow in the mud of tabloid sleaze and engage in the disgraceful behavior typified
by the use of the term “Jacko.” If they do the later, they will have chosen to give up their reputations, integrity and morals for the sake of a buck and will
never be taken seriously by any discerning reader.

It is my fondest hope that your goal will be achieved, and that one day Mr.Jackson’s image and reputation will be restored around the world and he willbe remembered as the kind, loving, and philanthropic musical genius that he was!

Nancy Jensen said...

Amen! Justice, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this
wonderful attempt to finally put the tabloid media’s disgusting nickname for Mr. Jackson to rest! If each of us throw a shovelful of dirt over the use of this disgraceful word we may finally be able to bury it for good!

Media members need to make a decision. They can either choose to conduct themselves in the dignified manner of responsible, ethical journalists seeking to inform and educate the public while adhering to the highest
standards of their chosen profession, or they can get down and wallow in the mud of tabloid sleaze and engage in the disgraceful behavior typified
by the use of the term “Jacko.” If they do the later, they will have chosen to give up their reputations, integrity and morals for the sake of a buck and will
never be taken seriously by any discerning reader.

It is my fondest hope that your goal will be achieved, and that one day Mr.Jackson’s image and reputation will be restored around the world and he willbe remembered as the kind, loving, and philanthropic musical genius that he was!

Coco said...

I fully support this letter and think that the media calling Michael Jackson "Wacko Jacko" is totally wrong. The media has to stop the wrongdoing. Michael was not only the greatest artist but also was the nicest guy on earth.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson was a human being. He should have been treated with respect in life and now in death. I fully support this letter. Bravo to Andjustice !

Anonymous said...

I am in total agreement with this letter. Please, let's treat this special human being with the dignity that he deserves.

Anonymous said...

I fully support this letter to the media. It's time to make things CLEAR. We had enough. Michael I love you so much and you deserve all the respect in this world, there are not so much GOOD PEOPLE YOU, YOU ARE SPECIAL and everyone have to know this, cuz this is the only real TRUTH. This is it !!!

Thank you Andjustice4some.


Anonymous said...

I fully support this letter to the media. It's time to make things CLEAR. We had enough. Michael I love you so much and you deserve all the respect in this world, there are not so much GOOD PEOPLE LIKE YOU, YOU ARE SPECIAL and everyone have to know this, cuz this is the only real TRUTH. This is it !!!

Thank you Andjustice4some.


Anonymous said...

I fully support this open letter to the media.

Endtime7 said...

I fully support this letter!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree and support this action. Thank you for doing this for him.

Anonymous said...

This should been done a long time ago. I remember Michael told in an interview that he hated to be called that name.

Lets hope once and for all, that people will pay respect. Michael had so much love and care for the humanity.I hope that journalists will take a moment, and think about what they are writing.

Mabel Pader said...

100% support this letter. Journalism as 6th reamente power they are, have a duty to inform the world on all possible facts, conveying the truth, so often hidden, as objectively and respect, minimizing the maximum subjectivity. Has long taken the right to accuse or defend before justice, or prejudge, of iForm with a face personal opinon highest degree of already formed when it has to be the decision of the reader. Sent to the gallows with impunity and without foundation who are considered the top in the same way to others. Branded a crazy person, thief or God according to his personal opinion, and that is not its function!
Beyond my admiration for Michael Jackson, professional and human being, who has been vilified for years, without merit without investigating first, which is also their duty! His duty is to convey objective information, the largest margin of respect! Her name was not Michael Jackson was Jackco Wako, and would be very glad you how to respect so often asked, and to report and transmit the amount of goodness and love has given what has helped, and left in this world
Mabel Pader
Buenos Aires

Mags said...

All human beings have the right to respect from their fellow man. We are all different, all individuals, but our uniting factor is the power to feel emotion and to empathise with others. It is no secret that Michael Jackson was deeply wounded by the use of the name Jacko, and with good reason. Respect and empathy are long overdue from the media in Michael's case and I fully support this initiative to bring that about and help towards promoting the wonderful legacy he leaves behind.

Julie said...

I fully agree with this letter. Michael and his childern are well over do the respect they should have had for years Lets all show the respect to his family That should have been given to them while Michael walked here among us.
love you more Michael.

Helen H. David said...

This Open Letter to the Media has my full support.

Helen H. David

rosa casiero said...

i wholeheartedly support this open letter, thank you so much for doing this for him i'm with you with all my heart, it's really time to stop it michael needs the respect that he deserves...i love you more michael. <3

Anonymous said...

I, too, fully support the open letter being circulated, and I will participate in circulating it, as well.

When the media participates in compromising journalism’s fundamental precepts to being committed to doing no harm, reporting only the verifiable facts, and so many more, we can no longer turn our head and look the other way.

Our society is at dire risk of compromising the very fabric of common decency that sustains the cohesive quality that a society needs in order to maintain civility.

Our youth are part of our future, and they can be particularly vulnerable to modeling the disrespectful behavior that is exhibited by the media.

We need a media that upholds the premise that we live in a civilized society that honors the concepts of fair play, common decency, and a vigilant pursuit of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Michael Jackson’s gross mistreatment by the media over the span of several decades is a most grievous example of bullying that we will have had the misfortune of witnessing. This treatment of a United States citizen has been and continues to be nothing short of barbaric.

We, members of the public, have an ethical obligation to voice our concerns and demand that journalists follow their own prestigious code of professional ethics.

By doing so, we participate in holding our media accountable for the news that is presented to us on a daily basis, influencing our minds and hearts.

We must stand together, united, on this matter. We must act now. Please support this open letter. We have the numbers, we have the power.

Let’s take this opportunity to affect justice in this world. Let’s make a stand for ethical journalism.

Sadie Saunders

Anonymous said...

I pledge my support for this open letter to the media and I will now share it on my pages

Sandie Goode

asia said...

this is long over due. :)

Anonymous said...

i fully support for this open letter to the media..they all should stop using "jacko",they all should give respect to michael and his family,his children. media should stop spreading lies about him,.

Inge Christensen said...

I fully support this letter!

Deidre said...

Queremos justicia para Michael Jackson en el juicio que tendra lugar y por parte de los periodistas y sus cnales de difusion tanto en prensa escrita como en televión..que sepan de lo que hablan, que no repitan rumores, mentiras, calunias que no son verdad..pero ante todo, que sean imparciales y justos por una vez, con Michael Jackson.., que sean respetuosos, y dejen de llamrle " JACKO ", que ese no era su nombre, y se uso por los tabloides para denigrarlo y hacerlo parecer un loco, él siempre pidio que no le llamsen asi.Esperemos, que trate con conocimiento de causa, diciendo la verdad, que se imforme con la verdad,que se conozca su vida y no se hable tirando de la informacion de archivo procedente de los tabloides que tanto dinero ganaron echando mentiras y basura sobre Michael Jackson.Piensen si de verdad merecio el trato que le dio la policia, y la prensa Los admiradores de Michael Jackson seguimos su ejemplo de luchar pacificamnte por cambiar el mundo para mejor, con paz y amor..Muchas gracias.

Anonymous said...

In respect to his memory, children, family and fans, I wholeheartedly support this letter to the media.
Its all about respecting each other.



Anonymous said...

greatly done! :)

justice for MJ
marcial, Manila

Anonymous said...

it kind of appears that the media is a broken resource for fair and accurate coevrage when it comes to Michael Jackson. Actually, that's the truth. Saying one moment your organization or network is the leading source in fair coverage without bias or whatever seems so idiotic to me, because every fan knows the exact opposite to be true. The next time there is some "controversy" or "issue within the fan base" there are those who make the worst of the story and "set the example" for other networks to do so. Continuing to use "Jacko" is a perfect example.
This is why I refuse to watch any televised airing of the trial for fear of some exclusive detail of Michael's life being released and made a mockery of. I'm tired of it, and I'm done with it.

Anonymous said...

well done!

Dimple, QC

ewburgess said...

I whole heartedly agree with and support the stand that the "Open Letter on Behalf of Michael Jackson Fans to the Mainstream Media" lay out. Mr. Jackson found this term offensive and thus it should not be used in any reference to Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson or anyone. Esteem Mr. Jackson for his life long support and love of humanity displayed through his many songs and humanitarian acts. America should take pride in one of your own who managed to obtain worldwide esteem and love. It is time for the country of his origin to acknowledge and value Mr. Jackson as the national treasure he was and continues to be even in passing.

With much love and continued hope that mainstream media will "Make That Change."

Elizabeth Burgess
Baltimore Maryland

Anonymous said...

Justice Today, Justice Tomorrow and Justice Forever for Michael Jackson!!!

Anonymous said...

Its time for the media to own up to what it did and continues to do to Michael Jackson.

Nothing will bring Michael back to us but stopping using this hateful and racist name would be a step on the road to righting a wrong.

So come on media face up to your responsibility and stop it.

beinginformed said...

I wholeheartedly support your efforts to communicate this message to mainstream media. The media and others sought to diminish Michael Jackson in life and continue to perpetuate this travesty after his death. It is my opinion that the media knows what the use of this means. The moniker of "Jacko" has racist overtones and should not be allowed.

Anonymous said...

I too support this open letter to Mainstream Media to ban the use of this derogitory term. Almost every day I still google Michael Jackson's name to see what news there may be about him, from history archieves, his career, his family or his inspiration to others. As soon as I see a headline that uses either of these two negative terms I look no further and turn off my computer. The headline itself tells me that there is nothing of value or credit within the article. It may be a small guesture but I will give no acknowledgement by reading the trash I assume will be printed when I see those words. There may be times that the story within would provide some worthwile reading but I will never know as I can't support the use of these two works. I can't even bring myself to write them in an effort to have them stopped, but you know of what I mean.
Thank you Justice for continuing to protect the integrity of a great human being, a great entertainer and the man with an incredible heart and soul that we love and call "Michael Jackson, King of Pop".


Aly said...


Anonymous said...

It is time the media makes some kind of amends for the unfair, biased, and racist way in which Micheal Jackson was persecuted and subsequently destroyed by the despicable and unjust articles written about him through the years. He had to keep his children hidden and even in his death the insensitivity of the media in speculating their paternity because the didn't "look black" enough. You can show some respect to the greatest entertainer that will ever grace the earth as their is only one by not calling him such a disrespectful moniker as "Jacko" especially since he pleaded with you not to call him that. He has passed on now with all this pain you the media caused him unresolved and his name not yet vindicated. Respect his legacy and his fans by ending the use of this horrid play on his actual name which is Jackson not Jacko.

Anonymous said...

I support this pledge RIP Michael

Kim said...

Well said and thank you. I support this open letter to the media to finally do the right thing on behalf of Michael Jackson and his three children. I have signed the petition and am spreading the word. Thank you much. Kim (windy09)

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly. Thanks for writing this. Enough is enough. Show some respect please.

Anonymous said...

Well done. His name is Michael Jackson and we want to hear him called that. I will click on more articles if they use the right name. I do not support the term "Jacko". "Make that change"

Yolanda Schell

Anonymous said...

I absolutely support this open letter to the Media.

much respect and gratutude


Valmai Owens said...

I openly pledge my support to this wonderfully written letter, and will circulate wide and far.

Valmai Owens

Anonymous said...


MARKENA said...


Pollyanna said...

Michael hated being called "Jacko" He said "I am Michael Jackson NOT Jacko". I always feel hurt every time I see or hear his name taken in vain.

Martha Ames said...

I pledge my support to this worthy effort and will circulate it also! Thank you for the wonderful open letter and also the heartfelt letter written by Dr. Treacy. Let's do this for Michael's children and for his own human dignity that was so cruely taken from him in life.

Anonymous said...

I also support this pledge. It was awful and rude to use the term even when Michael Jackson was alive. It should have never been used in the first place but especially now with him gone. No matter what people think, Michael Jackson was a great singer, performer and humanitarian.

Anonymous said...

The All4LOVE forum 100% fully supports this worthy campaign. The desresptful media name calling must STOP!!
We all thank you for this wonderful campaign.

Admin at All4LOVE

Karina de Cillo said...

I openly support this letter and its content. Michael Jackson does deserve the respect as a loving father, composer, singer, coreographer, entertainer, son, friend, producer, businessman and as a human being who gave all that he could give to make this a much better world. We are all orfans of this incredible and loving superstar. I miss the man, his music, dance, charm and absolutely everything from him. So, I really beg the mainstream media for respect. Michael was, still is and will forever be The King of Pop. That is the name you could use.
Thank you!
Karina de Cillo
Americana, SP

Эля said...

Thank you andjustice for the letter and opportunity to address this issue to the media

111fas said...

Respect and consideration, that's not asking for a lot now is it. Common sense mixed with a splash of civility is all we ask for regarding Michael Jackson. I'm sick and tired of this crap from the media and their name calling stunts. Thank you "And Justice for Some" for putting this together.

Shukrie Sylejmani said...

Well done, andjustice, 100% I support this letter, Michael Jackson deserve love and respect,
LOVE , RESPECT and Gratitude,
Shukrie Sylejmani,
Sweden- Kosova

Mado said...

I agree with your letter, thank you. It's time for this to stop.

Anonymous said...

I am in total support of this letter to the Mainstream Media. It's message is long overdue. His name is Michael Joseph Jackson, one of the most generous humanitarian of this genration, who just happened to be also the greatest entertainer. And any jounalist with any integrity would respect that....for his children. Almost 20 years, journalism has become a "cut and paste" industry that fed off negative characterations of Mr. Jackson, which caters to advertising dollars $$$$$ instead of integrity. This saddens me greatly that most news, and I mean most news has become TABLOID CRAZY!!!!
Thank you again for writing a wonder open letter.


Caro South Africa said...

hallelujah and thank you soooo much. This wonderful, loving, compassionate genius should have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for all that he did for this world and not that that horrible, horrible name. Prophets are often misunderstood and persecuted during their life time, and Michael was not exception. It is time to recognise him for what he actually did and not what the tabloids wrongly reported all the time. RIP Michael we love you.

Caro, South Africa

Magnetladi said...

I agree with this letter and also want to add that Michael Jackson was the kindest and greatest entertainer who ever lived. I will never understand why many in the media chose to use the worst photos when their were a gazillion beautiful ones, spread lies and name-call this man who was such an amazing humanitarian. I would think that he would be receiving every honor known to man. I am still waiting for him to win the Nobel Peace Prize posthumously.
To be referred to by a name that was hurtful to him is in such poor taste and shows nothing but lack of RESPECT for a man who didn't deserve it. Please, please, for the sake of his millions of fans, his friends, and most of all his family and children,put Michael Jackson on the pedestal of highest esteem where he deserves to be!

Anonymous said...

'Michael Joseph Jackson' is HIS name.. Thank You for your understanding - I say it with Love ..

Anonymous said...

I support this pledge fully.

Deloris Johnson said...

It's long overdue to state publicly with absolute reason that this "branding" of Michael's persona is an injustice of a hurtful nature. I seriously hate to see the phrase mentioned in any case, form or statement. I'm proposing that POSTERS not re-bruise the sanctity of his name, Michael Joseph Jackson, by typing it in their comments. I've often felt extreme anger every time I've heard the media not only post the "branding" on the TV screen, but then to word it in their commentary. It's dogmatic in the sense that it's forced upon the viewing public, his family, his fans and it hurt Michael to no end when he was here with us. Thanks to everyone who has participated in this letter coming to fruition. Now if only the system of the unkind minds of this World would stop, listen, learn and feel something, for once in their lives because loving Michael Joseph Jackson is the sweetest noblest thing anyone could do for the gifts that God bestowed upon him and blessed all of us with so graciously and unconditionally.

Judith M said...

It's time the term Jacko was buried next to Wacko, ugly twin descriptors invented and repeated by diseased tabloid media to taunt and demoralize Jackson -- while collecting hugh profits at his expense. Cynical bean counters should not protest or worry that revenues will shrink. The name Michael Joseph Jackson remains pure magic -- enticing readers and viewers, attracting customers, and ringing cash registers around the world! Best of all, new friends, supporters, admirers, and defenders are drawing closer together on his behalf.

You're Doing Wrong... said...

On June 25th 2009, Michael Jackson's voice was taken away from him much too soon. We, as his loyal fans have always made it our quest to defend, protect, and honor the man behind the legacy.

This is a man who was branded a musical genius by even his own idols. His legacy not only left an impact on music, it left its imprint on the world. It showed that music, just like love, has no racial or cultural boundaries.

Not only as the world's greatest entertainer to ever live does the man in the mirror deserve the best this world has to offer, but as the world's most devout and greatest humanitarian, he is owed gratitude and respect for the contributions he's made to heal the world and its inhabitants.

May any who dare write or speak about Michael and his legacy be forewarned, that the habit Michael's most devoted and loyal fans made of protecting, defending, and honoring Our Beloved King of Pop in life, is one we will unwaveringly continue to have despite his death.

It is for such a reason, that I emphatically pledge my support for AndJustice4Some's call to action.

If not us, then who exactly will be Michael's voice?

Anonymous said...

Hi! Like I promised in FB to Mj JusticeProject, I had traslated the letter and it is here, then I will post it in FB and in Twitter to everybody. In the body appear the links of CBS and USA Today because I cannot put them hidden in Twitter:

Estimados Medios de comunicación del Mundo,

Nosotros, los fans de Michael Jackson, estamos profundamente conscientes que la Sociedad de Periodistas Profesionales cree que el esclarecimiento público es el precursor de la justicia y el fundamento de la democracia. El deber del periodista es llevar más allá de aquellos fines la búsqueda de la verdad y la provisión de un justo y comprensivo informe de los eventos y lo relativo a ellos. Y aunque este código de ética es voluntario, la mayoría de los periodistas abrazan este código, creyendo que la integridad profesional es la piedra angular de la credibilidad de un periodista.

Los admiradores de Michael Jackson están pidiendo a los medios de comunicación mundiales que se prohíba uso del término "Jacko". Arraigado en el racismo y negatividad, el nombre siembra la sugerencia de que "Wacko Jacko" ampliamente usado por los tabloides para identificar a Michael Jackson previo a su muerte. El uso de los medios de comunicación de este nombre contradice el código ético de los periodistas profesionales directamente. No hay ningún "esclarecimiento público" con el uso del término "Jacko". No hay verdad en el nombre "Jacko" y no hay ninguna provisión ciertamente de un justo o comprensivo informe sobre cualquier evento o situación respecto a Michael Jackson.

Liderando el camino están Elysa Gardner [] de USA Today y CBS News [] , ambos cambiaron su titular de "Jacko" a "Jackson" cuando se les solicitó. Nosotros estamos pidiendo al resto de los medios de comunicación que sigan el mismo camino. Los periodistas deben ver esto como un acto de dignidad humana, ambos para si mismos como profesionales, y para Michael Jackson y su familia.


Posted by Michael Jackson: And Justice for Some at 10:21 PM

Thanks a lot for @andjusticeforsome and @MJJusticeProject for you do!

Luciana Camino (FaceBook Account)
Fernanda Camino (Twitter Account)

Postscript: I am sorry for my poor translation! I hope you can understand English is my second language and literal translations are impossible. There are ones, which are nearer the original text, and others, which are further it. I hope this was nearer it, I had changed too much the fundamental idea of the letter or its logic. Sincerely, Luciana.

Posdata: ¡Pido perdón por mi pobre traducción! Espero comprendan que el ingles es mi segunda lengua y las traducciones literales son imposibles. Hay algunas, que están cerca del texto original, y otras, que están lejos de el. Espero esta este cerca de el y yo no haya cambiado demasiado la idea fundamental de la carta o su lógica. Atentamente, Luciana.

Anonymous said...

NOTE: I traslate in Spanish for all people who want to send it to others media in others countries like me (Argentina). Of course I will mention the original source of the letter and the link to this letter in its original version. Thanks again and good bye!

Luciana Camino.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!

CirrMurr (Susie) said...

Glad to read something like this!
I'm absolutely agree every word of this letter!
The general public MUST to know, that 'jacko' is not a kindly nickname, it's a shame, and not fair to Michael Jackson.

Hope the General Media pay respect, and won't use this term "jacko" anymore.

Miss you Michael ...

- Susie from Hungary -

Anonymous said...

Mike, you are the best. :) We are doing everything for you!!! God belss you, Dear :) <3 We love you

Patty V. said...

I totally support to this brave Open Letter to the global media, since i totally agree that each time the media uses that disrespectful term, they are inflicting pain not only on Michael Jackson's good name but also on his children and family.

Thanks for this meaningful action, dear MJAndJustice.

México also loves Michael Jackson, with heart.

Patty V.
México City

Patty V. said...

My total support for this brave Open Letter to the global media, since i totally agree that each time the media uses that disrespectful term, they are inflicting pain not only on Michael Jackson's good name but also on his children and family.

Thanks for this meaningful action, dear MJAndJustice.

México also loves Michael Jackson, with heart.

Patty V.
México City

México also loves Michael Jackson with all heart.

Anonymous said...

What has happened is a crime and what may follow is a travesty of justice. This is what Mainstream Media needs to pay attention to.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the content of this open letter. Mainstream media should listen to the public opinion for a change since they no longer enjoy much credibility. Michael Jackson expressed his dislike for this moniker but the media never listened. Now they must stop the use of Wako Jacko when referring to Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson.

Fans-for-Fans-TRIBUTE said...

I´ve signed the petition and support this open letter.

Highest Regards
Manuela Mischkowski aka MJremember

Anonymous said...

I support this letter. Thank you for taking the time to write it.


DaiNadienne said...

I support this letter. The name is Michael Jackson, and must to be called: Mr Michael Jackson, respected as any other person focused by the midia.
I would say he deserves much more respect by being an artist that brought joy and amusement for thousands of people, but the same respect addressed to others it is enough.

Holding My Dream said...

Stop.... STOP all this .. IN THE NAME of respect for the Dead .. IN THE NAME of respect for the Life .. IN THE NAME of the Human-Rights (Article I: All Human Beings are born Free and Equal in DIGNITY and RIGHTS. They are endowed with Reason and Conscience and SHOULD ACT towards one another in a Spirit of Brotherhood.) => Where do you let HIS dignity? Where is your Reason? your Conscience? your Spirit of Brotherhood?) ..
IN THE NAME of the Greatness and Magnificence of HIS CAREER .. IN THE NAME of HIS Children .. IN THE NAME of HIS Family ... IN THE NAME of HIS MANY HUMANITARIAN ACTS that so few people know, and HIS support to many Associations and those HE has created .. IN THE NAME of Millions of People around the World, who LOVE and RESPECT HIM .. IN THE NAME of Love and Respect for Others .... IN THE NAME of the piece of humanity that rest in your heart .. STOP .. Have a minimum of DECENCY, RESPECT and HUMANITY ..
The MOST WONDERFUL MAN... the Most Beautiful Heart and Soul, I ever seen in my life. (im 52)

MJPatriziaJackson said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the letter, well overdue this name calling has gone on too long, very offensive to michael his family and fans. The media needs to give him the respect he so deserves as a human being.

Anonymous said...

nice letter this should of been done along time ago when mj was alive. he gave us the world an he deserved the best. he was the one that was being bullied for many years an he came back with love. thanks for taking the stand just wish you did this years ago

Anonymous said...

it breaks my heart when the media etc people call michael awfull meann names ,i always stand up for michael when ppl called him that ,michael dosent dearseve it ,i am proud so proud to be a michael jackson fan so proud,and michaels soldiers of love ,it has to stop people calling jacko :(

Jennifer Lai said...

Stand up for Michael Jackson!

Anonymous said...

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