Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Forest Lawn on June 25, 2012 Part One

As we all know, June 25, 2012 marked the third anniversary of Michael Jackson's passing.  We left early, but because of traffic, we did not get there until after 11 a.m.  I first noticed that security was drastically different than the last time I was at Forest Lawn.  In order to get to Holly Terrace where Michael is entombed, you have to drive up a steep hill.  Midway up, there were very nice and friendly security guards who directed us to park up further on the hill, because the road where Holly Terrace is, was blocked off.  We parked and this is what we saw on the way:

As we walked down the hill, I realized that not one fan was able to get near the displays of artwork and flowers in front of Holly Terrace.  I saw an Escalade (I think) and realized that Randy Jackson was there.  It turned out he was inside Holly Terrace and until he left, fans were not supposed to get too close to Holly Terrace.  There were security guards inside, outside and on the sidewalk going up the walkway to the HT doors.  I knew Randy was going to be there because he tweeted the fact.   I actually thought we would beat him there but as I said, we were caught in traffic.  Randy finally came out of Holly Terrace, and talked to security for a few minutes.  He then looked out over the fans and chose two to go in to see Michael's tomb.  Below is a picture of Randy with FL security. 
After that, Randy came down into the crowd and took pictures with fans.  I must say he was very cordial as there were a LOT of fans that wanted to take pictures with him.  Security kept telling fans to step back (several times), but Randy continued to take pictures and was still doing so with fans when I left.  While Randy was taking pictures with fans, security was semi-distracted so I moved forward to take closer pictures of fans' cards, flowers, and artwork that was left in front of Holly Terrace.  Please remember that I was there early, and was there for an hour and a half, so some of the displays were missed as I saw lots of fans coming in as I was going out.  Here is a closer picture of Randy with security.  The woman and child walking toward me were allowed into Holly Terrace by Randy (I think)
As security was distracted with Randy, I moved down the road to take pictures.  The next picture was taken further away for context.

These are closer shots of the above photo.  The next photo is of a blanket that fans made, surrounded by cards. 

The next is the other side of the blanket and more cards.

Behind the blanket, as I was taking pictures, a woman placed this butterfly in the back of the blanket and the cards.  The picture does not do justice to the butterfly, it was just a beautiful display for Michael; shimmering in the sunlight, it was stunning.  All along the back below the cement wall was artwork of Michael.

This is a display of cards that was to the right of the blanket, from fans all over the world.

More cards.

Behind these cards and others are the fountain of roses from fans all over the world, facilitated by the AMAZING women from OneRose4MJJ. 
A shot from the wall of Holly Terrace, it's ALL FOR L.O.VE. from OneRose4MJJ!

More cards below the roses.

Close up shot of OneRose4MJJ and other bouquets behind the cards.

A display from a UK fan I assume, because of the flag.

Displays of flowers next to the walkway going up to the Holly Terrace stairs.

Another display of beautiful sunflowers for Michael. Look at all the love the world is showing.

I will continue the pictures in part 2 of this blog, as the blog won't hold all the pictures. 

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