Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Forest Lawn On June 25, 2012 Part Two

In between the roses going up the stairs, a FL security guard places a sheet, signed by fans, over a small barricade. 

A seemingly endless flow of roses, over 10,000 from OneRose4MJJ.

To the right of the walkway, more roses from OneRose4MJJ, along with other beautiful bouquets for Michael.

A floral display from Japan, celebrating the 25th anniversary of Michael's BAD album.
Another fan display.  Behind this display are board with butterflies with names on them from Monarchs For Michael.  A close up of one of the Monarchs For Michael boards is below.

More cards on the lawn.

A beautiful tribute to Michael from fan Savannah.

This Is It tribute.

Randy after he came outside from Michael's tomb in Holly Terrace.

The view below the road in front of Holly Terrace.

Truly, even three years after Michael's death, his impact on the world is felt tremendously by so many.  Both times that I have been there, I felt as though Michael was there too.  I saw fans crying, I saw fans somber, I saw fans happy to see other fans, I saw fans with just about every emotion there is to see.  What I took from Forest Lawn on June 25, 2012 was two-fold.  I realized more than ever that Michael Jackson's mark on the world will not be soon forgotten; his legacy lives on through his family, friends and his fans.  Michael's fans are one of a kind; a unique group of people who honor him, and continue to fight against the myths that the media portrays him to be.  The world loves and misses you Michael; there will never be another quite like you. 


SandyK said...

Justice, thank you so much for sharing your visit through your words and images. The incredibly moving display of flowers, notes and gifts is truly a testiment to the effect Michael had on so many and the love all of us still have, and will continue to have, for this gentle hearted and gifted human being. R.I.P. dear Michael.

MJFan0811 said...

RIP Michael <'3

WendyMJfan4ever said...

Thank you for sharing

sunday said...

Thankyou so much this is so beautiful and a testamony to Michael and how nuch he is loved now and always. How i wish i could be there to give michael the love he deserves to have. thank you to all you fans who do so much work in the name of our sweet michael. without you it would never be done. i,m so happy he has so much love all around the world. There is no one like him ajter three years the love keeps growing it will never stop. thanks again